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F5T4 is the winning mobility game from the Netherlands!

Click here to watch our promo video

Click here to watch our promo video

About From5To4

From5To4 (F5T4) is the formula to combat traffic congestion and contribute to a sustainable United Kingdom. It allows you to give your image a boost. The methodology is simple: From now on, one day out of five is traveled and worked differently.

How can F5T4 be used in your company?

Depending on the size of your organization, you can deploy F5T4 in different ways. It is up to you to determine the focus.

F5T4 as a measure!

Are you looking for a way to inform your employees about the different travel options that are available? Then F5T4 is the approach to implement a professional campaign in your company.

F5T4 as a dashboard!

You are already using mobility schemes, but miss the structure or insight? Are you looking for a way to contribute to the accessibility of the region? Contribute Then V5N4 is the game that will finally bring a positive change in behavior.

F5T4 as an image!

Does the new way of working have your full attention and do you want to contribute to a more accessible local area? Do you want to encourage your employees to change their behavior? Then F5T4 is the promotion tool within your organisation.

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The Game

‘From5To4’ is a fun and simple game for people to play and record their journeys to work. Whilst playing as part of a team, employees can compete with other teams to see how many sustainable trips are made each week. In return, the website gives employees bespoke information about how much energy they have saved, calories burned as well as the opportunity to win prizes. It’s a simple formula: for every workday, 1 day smarter commuting.

What is From5To4?

F5T4 is the mobility game from the Netherlands. The aim of the game is to encourage employees to travel to work more smartly (e.g. walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing) as well as having fun competing against their friends and colleagues at the same time. Employees are incentivised to apply a new way of working. This approach offers opportunities for both employers and employees.

Who should play From5To4?

Any organisation that experiences accessibility problems and is keen to help their employees make a positive difference in their local area. By participating in F5T4 your employees willbe informed about all the different travel to work options that are available and will be provided with suggestions about how to travel more smartly.

Why From5To4?

The cost of traffic congestion to the UK economy is estimated to be £20bn per year. F5T4 has the ambition to encourage employees to change their travel behaviour and use sustainable modes for at least 20% of their travel to work trips. This is possible if they work and travel more smartly. F5T4 suits an employer that is looking to offer their employees a fun competition whilst also sending a serious message about its commitment to the health and well being of its staff and the sustainability of its local environment.

The offer

You will receive an introduction from a specialist in sustainable travel; access to the online gaming environment and helpdesk; and access to the travel data of your employees. You will receive a package of communication materials (posters, stickers, tips etc.), an interim report and a final report with conclusions and recommendations. At the end of the game (after 6 months) there will also be a formal closure. F5T4 is an online game with an offline support system. Therefore you don’t have to install any additional or unnecessary software.


Phone number
+31(0)76-513 66 68


Postal address
Postbus 3559
4800 DN Breda
The Netherlands

How can F5T4 be used in your company?

After your application a personal call will follow and you will receive the F5T4 package with corresponding data for the web application. F5T4 The package includes posters, a participant certificate (sticker), a manual per worker with a tutorial, tips and much more.

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